Single Turbo Fitment on 4×4 2JZ Tacoma

The R154 bellhousing was bolted to the R150F and the transmission crossmember was modified (pushing the full engine/trans assembly back 2-3.4″). The water pump pulley is VERY close to the radiator.

The stock twins will not fit for this application without cutting into the firewall and relocating critical A/C components. The rear turbo is right up against the firewall. Then the hard piping extends even further for the inlet. The engine could not move further forward without moving the radiator/core support/front bumper forward.

This is when I decided that the single turbo was my plan of action.

A thick cast manifold was perfect for my application (Offroad – Exposure to water). SPAs manifold fit the bill.

SPA T4 Manifold: eBay Link

Another shot of the SPA Manifold.

One more view of the SPA Manifold.

Needed a block off for the external wastegate provision in the SPA manifold. I used the EFR 7064 with an internal wastegate.

Vibrant Performance Block Off Plate: Amazon Link

Mockup of BorgWarner EFR 7064 and SPA Turbo Manifold placement.

First test fit of the thin T4 Twinscroll flange before printing the full 3/4″ version which would take several hours to print.

High Quality ABS 3D Printing Filament: Amazon Link

I 3D printed a T4 Twinscroll flange (3/4″) to represent the space the SP Quickspool valve will occupy between the turbo and the manifold.

I had help converting the EFR 7064 2D Drafts into 2D vectors (SVG). I then combined the 3D vectors in attempt to reconstruct a dimensionally accurate EFR 7064. You can see that I failed. Oh well, it would have been a disaster to 3D print on my 220mm X 220mm print bed.

Testing a placement mockup of the 3D printed Quick Spool Valve.

The 3/4″ 3D printed model of the SP Quickspool valve confirms that the turbo will fit! Using an internal wastegate BorgWarner EFR 7064 twin scroll.

2JZ GTE (Supra) in a 2001 4×4 Tacoma

The EFR 7064 turbo is fully supported by the sandwiched 3D printed model of the Quickspool valve and the associated hardware.

I chose a bumper from ARB 4×4 Accessories ( that will house the winch and reinforce the front end.

ARB Winch Compatible Bull Bar: Amazon Link. Great deal + free shipping!

CX Racing Intercooler