Single Turbo Fitment on 4x4 2JZ Tacoma

Uploaded September 12, 2017

Tacupra Update Post Hero Image
R154 Bellhousing Water Pump

The R154 bellhousing was bolted to the R150F and the transmission crossmember was modified (pushing the full engine/trans assembly back 2-3.4"). The water pump pulley is VERY close to the radiator.

The stock twins will not fit for this application without cutting into the firewall and relocating critical A/C components. The rear turbo is right up against the firewall. Then the hard piping extends even further for the inlet. The engine could not move further forward without moving the radiator/core support/front bumper forward.

This is when I decided that the single turbo was my plan of action.

SPA T4 Manifold

A thick cast manifold was perfect for my application (Offroad - Exposure to water). SPAs manifold fit the bill.

SPA T4 Manifold: eBay Link

SPA T4 Manifold

Another shot of the SPA Manifold.

SPA T4 Manifold

One more view of the SPA Manifold.

Vibrant Performance Block Off Plate

Needed a block off for the external wastegate provision in the SPA manifold. I used the EFR 7064 with an internal wastegate.

Vibrant Performance Block Off Plate: Amazon Link

Mockup of BorgWarner EFR 7064 and SPA Turbo Manifold placement.

High Quality ABS 3D Printing Filament

First test fit of the thin T4 Twinscroll flange before printing the full 3/4" version which would take several hours to print.

High Quality ABS 3D Printing Filament: Amazon Link

3d-Printed T4 Twinscroll flange

I 3D printed a T4 Twinscroll flange (3/4") to represent the space the SP Quickspool valve will occupy between the turbo and the manifold.

EFR 7064 Vector renderings

I had help converting the EFR 7064 2D Drafts into 2D vectors (SVG). I then combined the 3D vectors in attempt to reconstruct a dimensionally accurate EFR 7064. You can see that I failed. Oh well, it would have been a disaster to 3D print on my 220mm X 220mm print bed.

EFR 7064 Vector renderings

Testing a placement mockup of the 3D printed Quick Spool Valve.

3D-Printed SP Quickspool valve model

The 3/4" 3D printed model of the SP Quickspool valve confirms that the turbo will fit! Using an internal wastegate BorgWarner EFR 7064 twin scroll.

ARB Winch Compatible Bull Bar

2JZ GTE (Supra) in a 2001 4x4 Tacoma

The EFR 7064 turbo is fully supported by the sandwiched 3D printed model of the Quickspool valve and the associated hardware.

I chose a bumper from ARB 4x4 Accessories ( that will house the winch and reinforce the front end.

ARB Winch Compatible Bull Bar: Amazon Link. Great deal + free shipping!

CX Racing Intercooler