4x4 2JZ Tacoma Transmission Mount

November 6, 2017

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4x4 2JZ Tacoma Transmission Mount

Since the Tacupra is receiving the 2JZ inline-6 engine from the Toyota Supra, I had to shorten the driveshaft.

The 2JZ is longer than the Tacoma's original V6, so the make room, I cut the original driveshaft and pushed the transmission back. This meant I had to fabricate a whole new transmission crossmember.


I first needed to measure the original length of the driveshaft to verify my total length after the cut.

This is the measuring point at the back of the output flange.

This point is the mounting flange at the front of the carrier bearing.

Measurement Stats

Initial measurement taken from middle of flange to front of carrier bearing bracket 27.75”

Front half of the shaft cut by 2.75”

Length after modifying transmission mount 25”

Tool Setup

MIG Job Gas Settings - Argon/CO2 75%25%

MIG settings for the weld job

First tacks

First beads

A hole saw made a perfect sized hole for the transmission locating bushing

I used a straight edge to replicate the location of the transmission mount holes

The weld was a little close to the mount holes, but the washer and bolt heads just cleared it

I cleaned off the top weld since the transmission mount has a flat metal flange. This prevents the weld from disturbing the flange and sitting flat on the face

Tracing the rear of the hole in the transmission tunnel

I used a straight edge to mark my cut back. The traced cardboard replicated the back of the cut (2.75" back)

Telling myself to not mess this up!