2001 Toyota Tacoma Suspension

Stock setup (with Tundra Brakes)

Pressing out ball joints with OTC press (Part# 7249) and Toyota specific ball joint press adapter (Part# 6733). I was unimpressed by the fact that in combination with the relief cup and the Toyota specific adapter the tool could only get one thread to start. But, it did end up working (Just sketchy)

Upper ball joints pressed out of the spindle.

Some encouragement after pressing in the Camburg Upper arm spintle adapters.

In order to remove the upper control arm cross bolt you must remove the harness clamp from the inner fender and the airbag sensor. The inner fender does have to be pushed outwards to clear the bolt initially. The bolt does contact the coolant bottle. Applying forward facing torque on the control arm at the last moment will allow you to clear the coolant bottle.

The upper control arm cross bolt on the passenger side. You will need to remove the clamp holding the A/C line from the inner fender and the air bag sensor.

Mocking up the Camburg upper control arms.

Close shot of the mock-up.

Cleaning the metal on the spindle for the Total Chaos spindle gusset.

First time welding Mig uphill.
See settings here: http://imgur.com/9z3M5AR
I was running a generous amount of 75/25 Argon CO2

Prepping for paint.

Fox shocks Factory series with DSC. The key takeaway here is the DSC feature that allows you to adjust High Speed and Low Speed compression valve settings.

I really love the way it turned out. Now all I have to do is get an alignment and tune the valving. Will follow up with video when I can get the truck out.

One off Deaver Leaf Springs – Specific to my application.
Increase payload capacity 600 Lbs with minimal lift.

Increased travel!